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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Apk Mod + Data

Game Online
The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a thrilling, action-packed RPG game where tactical choices make a difference between life and death. The one and only, Daryl Dixon, will teach you how to kill and survive – but remember, in the end you are on your own.

FIGHT through hordes of walkers in tactical turn-based combat
TRAIN your survivor group and upgrade their weapons
CHOOSE who lives or dies and keep your people safe
HUNT walkers in Terminus, Prison and other familiar locations from AMC’s The Walking Dead
JOIN other players in deadly weekly challenges for exclusive rewards


The Walking Dead Season 8 missions continue every Monday! Watch the episode, play through the memorable moments the next day in No Man’s Land and earn Rick tokens along the way.
Gather your guild and explore the new “In the Dead of Night” challenge.
The update includes many bug fixes and performance improvements.

“APK” install it on your device.
“com.nextgames.android.twd” folder “android / obb” copy into.
Enter the game.

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Plague Inc Evolved PC Download Free

Plague Inc Evolved is a Simulation and Casual game published by Ndemic Creations for PC in 2014. This title has won more than five GOTY awards!

Plague Inc Evolved PC Game 2014 Overview:

Can you infect the world?! This sentence is the main plot of this game. You should try to expand classic diseases in the world. Yet, Some people doesn’t want it to be occurred.

Plague Inc Evolved, You are turning the world to destruction and nothing would stop it. So prepare dangerous viruses and spread them between humans. As the number of patients gets higher, your score goes higher too. You can see these numbers in analytic part of the game. There are ten kind of illnesses and if you expand them in this planet, Everything will go fine. But if you won’t be able to do it, number of healthy people will increase.

In that case, your viruses would become useless and controlling the situation would be very hard. Having a calculated plan is very important in players’ success. There are some kind of anti-viruses too and some people develops them quickly between sick persons. Producing the viruses are limited in your Laboratory, So players need to be careful about using them. If anyone wants to know about these viruses, He/She can check the tutorials and get information about them.

Gamer can also mix the simple viruses and make another one! Neutralize these new ones would be harder and you will enjoy infections! After all of these information, your main aim isn’t infecting the humans. They should die after getting a disease and in this condition, full score will be calculated in account. Plague Inc Evolved has a 3D Graphics but the most important property is the addicting gameplay.

Features Of Plague Inc:

  • Ten Diseases type for infection
  • eighteen impressive scenarios
  • Detailed data in analytic part
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes available now!
Link Download: 

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Integrated Graphics (512MB)
Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes: Unsupported video chipsets: Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel GMA X3100, Intel GMA 950
Download: http://ouo.io/UCyQL8 | http://ouo.io/7tsKFC
Password : www.freegamesdl.net


Undertale is a RPG game for PC published by tobyfox in 2015. This masterpiece has got an amazing metascore (97/100) in Metacritic!

Undertale PC Game 2015 Overview:

This game may seem boring but it’s not like that. Although the developers have created simple environments in pixel graphics, Gameplay is awesome

The little human is the main character at Undertale. You will take the control of this human who has been gone to under the ground suddenly. There are many types of monsters at this place. Now, The player has to help this human run to survive. Escape is the best way to stay alive in this unnatural world. At first, You even won’t have enough power to fight the little monsters with low health points. So, The main missions on primary levels is to escape from the dangers.

Killing the monsters in all of the levels isn’t necessary. If you have the ability to do this, You’re free to choose. Remember that you can get more scores and rewards by killing them. The story is really impressive. Even the beginner players who don’t have skills at this game, Will enjoy it. This great story with addictive gameplay has made Undertale a masterpiece. There are some boss fights at the finishing part of the levels. When you defeated them with your powers, You will have two choices.

You can kill them without any problem. But there is another way! Making friends with boss fights is the most exciting part of this RPG game. Steam users have rated this great game 10/10 which means the players have liked it like critics did!

Features Undertale:

Control a human who has fell to the ground
Escape from the dangers by your primary skills
Make friends with boss fights to get new abilities
Pixel graphics with simple environments which are hand-drawn.

Link Download:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 128MB
Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
Download : http://ouo.io/680Ng4 | http://ouo.io/VeBVFP
Password : www.freegamesdl.net

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Castle Story PC Game DOWNLOAD Free

Castle Story is a Strategy, Adventure and Open World game for PC published by Sauropod Studio in 2017. Control a cute yellow character.

Castle Story PC Game 2017 Overview:

While you’re learning to control him as well, The adventures will begin. You need to pass lots of obstacles by him.

An epic adventure awaits you in Castle Story, a strategy game where you command friendly creatures called Bricktrons. Have them explore, carve, dig and gather resources from vast, spectacular floating islands, reshaping the voxel-based world to your desire! Design and build any structure you can imagine! From mighty and legendary castles to sprawling Bricktron villages. Beware, your Bricktrons will have to take arms and defend themselves against mysterious creatures, the Corruptrons. Build catapults and hurl explosive barrels at the invaders, or lure them into strategically placed traps! The physics system will also challenge the sturdiness of your architecture! A tower whose foundation is destroyed will crumble to the ground realistically.

Castle Story is also a multiplayer experience! Challenge your friends to a round of Conquest or join forces with them to repel the enemies in the Co-Op Invasion gamemode. Of course, you can also group up in sandbox and build together! The maps in Castle Story are meticulously hand-crafted by the developers and we’re giving you access to the same tool we use! Create your own worlds with our awesome World Editor, share them with the community and try out other player-made maps!

Features Castle Story:

sandbox: no enemies, just building and having fun that way.
Invasion: Waves of enemies, protect the crystal from getting destroyed, progressively harder
Conquest: Castle Story’s take on Capture the Flag, but instead of flags it’s crystals
Grab The Gems: What you gather, after some time, some crystals get “available” and people has to fight over the crystals, carry them back home, and then you win after set amount of crystals.

Link Download :
OS: 7 and newer, 64-bit
Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core, 2.2 GHz+
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 440 512MB, Radeon HD 4450 512MB, Intel HD 3000
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 1700 MB available space
Download : http://ouo.io/MlUIqEB | http://ouo.io/9BIBSP
Password: www.freegamesdl.net

Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk (High Damage)

sebuah game yang sangat seru yaitu angry birds evolutions, seakan ingin mengulang kesuksesan dari pendahulunya kini game angry birs sudah di kembangkan dengan berbagai versi salah satunya ya angry birds evolution yang akan saya bagikan ini namun berbeda dari versi biasa kali ini yang saya bagikan adalah versi mod (high damage) dengan adanya fitur mod ini akan semakin menambah keseruan dalam bermain game nah penasaran seperti apa keseruan dari game ini silahkan kalian simak ulasan game play berikut ini.

Angry Birds Evolution merupakan sebuah game role playing yang sangat seru game ini di kembangkan oleh Rovio Entertainment Ltd dan beberapa waktu lalu pihak pengembang secara resmi merilis versi terbaru dari game ini yaitu pada versi 1.12.0, dalam versi terbaru ini beberapa perbaikan dan penambahan fitur di berikan semata mata untuk mendapatkan sensasi bermain game yang seru, kalau dalam game pendahulunya kalian akan bermain dengan melemparkan angry birds dengan menggunakan sebuah ketapel dalam versi angry birds evolution kalian akan berman dengan saling mengadu karakter angry birds evolution yang kalian miliki dengan karakter babi dalam sebuah arena layaknya sebuah pertarungan karate.

Features Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk (High Damage):

  • Lebih dari 100 karakter baru berwarna untuk menetas dan mengumpulkan.
  • Merakit kawanan burung yang paling banyak dan menurunkan babi dengan mudah.
  • 5 Kelas burung dengan kemampuan unik.
  • Evolve hero berbulu Anda menjadi burung super yang tak terbendung.
  • Jelajahi pulau dan hentikan Bacon Corp.
  • Mendaki Gunung Elang dan memenangkan telur utama.
  • Pertempuran pemain lain di Oinktagon.
  • Bergabunglah dengan klan untuk membuka tunjangan, bersaing dengan klan lainnya, dan mengobrol dengan teman klan.
  • Mengirimkan pramuka untuk penghargaan & tantangan.
Link Download:
Nama Game: Angry Birds Evolutions Apk
Versi: 1.12.0
Android: 5.0+
Kategori: Role Playing
Ukuran: 46 Mb
Update: 16 Oktober 2017
Download : http://ouo.io/bTZzUe

Titanium Backup Pro Apk

Sebelum kita melakukan hal yang mengarah ke sistem android tentunya kita harus melakukan backup data yang ada di android terlebih dahulu baik itu foto, sms, panggilan dan lainnya, nah maka dari itu untuk memudahkan langkah tersebut pada kesempatan ini admin akan membagikan sebuah aplikasi backup dan restore yang paling populer dan mudah untuk di gunakan yaitu Titanium Backup Pro.

Titanium Backup Pro Apk, ada beberapa hal penting yang harus kamu wajib ketahui tentang aplikasi Titanium Backup Pro yaitu
1. Android yang anda gunakan harus sudah mendapatkan akses root, jika belum di root aplikasi tidak akan bisa berjalan pada perangkat,
2. Jika Kamu termasuk orang yang mampu, silahkan untuk membeli aplikasi titanium backup pro key di google play supaya kariya developer aplikasi android merasa di hargai dan semangat untuk membuat aplikasi ajaib lainnya.

Features Titanium Backup Pro:

  • Multiple backups per app
  • 0-click batch restore
  • Backup/restore SMS,MMS,calls,bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML
  • Restore individual apps+data from TWRP backups!
  • Multi-user support for some apps! (eg: games)
  • Batch verification
  • Backup apps without closing them!
  • Create your own update.zip containing apps+data!
  • Sync to/from Dropbox (manual/scheduled)
  • Restore individual apps+data from non-root ADB backups!
  • Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!
  • Sync to/from Box (manual/scheduled)
  • Sync to/from Google Drive (manual/scheduled)
Link Download :
Nama File: Titanium Backup PRO Key
Ukuran: 2 MB
Versi: Free 
Developer: Titanium Track 
Update: 30 Juni 2017 
Link Download: Titanium Backup Pro | Titanium Backup + Supersu

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Rules of Survival mod full Money

Selamat datang di arena baru Rules of Survival atau (Ros), dimana deathmatch telah ditingkatkan menjadi lebih epic dan menegangkan! Ini adalah game Battle Royale yang dimainkan lebih dari 100 juta orang di seluruh belahan dunia. Kamu akan menjadi salah satu dari 120 atau 300 player (map baru 8x8km) tanpa senjata yang diturunkan ke pulau terasing. Hanya satu yang dapat bertahan.

Ingat, zona aman terus menghilang. Kamu akan berpacu melawan gas racun yang terus menyebar, musuh yang menembak, dan perburuan mematikan. Kamu dapat bertempur sendiri atau membuat tim hingga 4 orang. Kumpulkan senjata yang tersebar, persenjatai dirimu, gunakan taktik dan strategi, ambil barang-barang dari mereka yang kurang beruntung.

Perhatian! Ini bukanlah sekedar permainan biasa. Ini tentang pertempuran hidup dan mati.

Fitur Game :
*Lari atau Bertempur!
- Permainan adil dalam peta besar HD
*Yang Terakhir Bertahan
- Solo atau team mode dalam pertempuran 120 survivor / 300 survivor
*Pilih dan Gunakan!
- Variasi senjata dan aksesorisnya - shooting survival
*Cepat dan Buas!
-Berkendara mengarungi medan yang berbeda-beda

Klik "Help" di game untuk menghubungi kami jika perlu bantuan.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RulesofSurvival
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RulesofSurvival

Details Rules of Survival mod full Money :
In Fearless Fiord Solo Mode, there will now be two cargo planes that each carry 150 players.
Players can now loot the AUG firearm from supply drops.
Added a new national chat channel.

Added the option to toggle the "vibration alert upon successful matchmaking" function on/off in the Settings menu.

Link Download Rules of Survival : http://ouo.io/t9jFfrhttp://ouo.io/Fuva7Z

Link Download Rules of Survival mod moneyhttp://ouo.io/FVpQ5W

Rules of Survival
Rules of Survival mod
Rules of Survival mod full
Rules of Survival crack
Rules of Survival all weapon

Business Board Apk

Business Board adalaha permainan gratis yang memiliki genre permainan dadu. Nikmati bisnis Anda dengan menjual dan membeli properti seperti membangun rumah, memperoleh monopoli, membuat penawaran, menang lelang dan penjara. Yang penting utama dari "papan bisnis" permainan adalah untuk belajar bisnis dan perdagangan, dengan ac dan penjualan properti. Dengan memainkan game pemain papan Bisnis mendapatkan uang dan menjadi kaya.

Pemain yang memiliki sifat memiliki monopoli yang memungkinkan untuk membangun rumah dan meningkatkan sewa. Selama bermain game ini, pemain mengalami pasang surut, imbalan, kerugian dan hukuman dll

Ketika pemain gulungan dadu dan tanah pada ruang yang belum dimiliki, ia mungkin membelinya dari bank lain dia harus membayar sewa kepada pemilik tempat itu atau situs.
Sewa sangat meningkat dengan ereksi rumah dan hotel.
Selama krisis keuangan, properti dapat digadaikan ke bank.

jika Anda senang bermain game seperti ludo Anda juga akan menyukai "Dewan Bisnis Permainan"

Orang-orang mencari permainan yang mirip dengan:
Gratis permainan dadu
Permainan Bisnis
Board Game Terbaik
Gratis Board Game

Anda dapat bermain game di 4 mode:
=> COMPUTER (versus robot)
=> OFFLINE (dalam modus offline) [COMING SOON]
=> ONLINE MULTILAYER (Play global dengan pemain di seluruh dunia) [COMING SOON]

Ada banyak karakter yang bisa kamu pilih serta kamu juga bisa bermain secara offline mau pun online, pokoknya asyik banget deh. sanga recommended untuk isi waktu luang.

Details Business Board Apk :
* CRASH & BUG fixed.
* Sound Added.
* Performance Improved

--------Coming Soon----
* Adding More country boards
* Adding More Language Support
* Adding Online Multiplayer

* Please share your suggestion on our mail and give review, Thanks Happy playing.

Link Download Business Board Apk : http://ouo.io/hM1MApJhttp://ouo.io/lwWZ41

Link Download mod Business Board Apk : http://ouo.io/B52kqF

Business Board Apk
Business Board Apk mod
Business Board Apkmod full
Business Board Apk full version
Business Board Apk mod money